An events centre & public space 

to promote and engage all our local eco-options.

If its green, eco, environmentally friendly, sustainable, natural, organic, resourcefully smart, native, philanthropic, socially and environmentally responsible, has advanced stewardship, … you get the drift…. if its good for the planet and the world we live in, The SAC will promote it and get the community actively involved in it.

  • A venue for the public to congregate and engage in, educate and ‘do’ sustainable activities.
  • A free space to disseminate local information and opportunities – posters, brochures, flyers are on display from a large number of sustainable groups and organizations around town.
  • A centre point for the local sustainable industry to showcase what’s on offer.  Sustainable businesses and industry leaders can promote their products, services and specials.  Have things on display for people to investigate.
  • A membership based business that provides subscribers with resources to help achieve networking, promotions and cumulative outcomes associated with a hub of sustainable activity.
  • A Drop Off and Pick UP (DO-UP) site for many initiatives such as SWAP BOX or the WANTED BOX


“It’s a space to actively connect with likeminded sustainable locals and organizations.  And if you are a Not-For-Profit Eco organisation, all of this if here for you to use for free. Make a difference without the cost”

Claire Greenhalgh

Director of the SAC




Simply put, the large floor space area and several private rooms are available to be utilised to conduct sustainable activities. These spaces are available for hire for meetings, gatherings, product performance displays and tutorials, information sessions, activity days, themed events and anything contributing to sustainability.  The ideas are endless.

And the best bit; if you are a Not-For-Profit Environmental organization or Eco-oriented group….it’s FREE! Membership is free, hire is free, promotions are free… yippee! Corporate membership starts at $150 per year.

These community facilitated events, along with the in-house calendar of events, will be promoted within the SAC marketing agenda including major use of online and social media and our eNewsletter.

Check out our Calendar of events here and our Facebook here.

to join as a member please visit our membership page here.

The SAC will also offer use of event items such as seating (of approx. 60), trestle tables, Large LED TV, computer and catering items.  And don’t forget the Tea/Coffee/Milk is all available for free too.

From meditation classes for children, Repair Cafes, Natural motherhood gatherings, round table sessions, social gatherings and member promotions, the space will give the community an easy, reputable sustainable venue to conduct activities.

By proving a quality venue with a sustainable philosophy, members can be assured that the event they are holding is having minimum environmental impact and promoting like-minded sustainable attitudes while undertaking their own activity.



This is a location simply for information dissemination of Not for Profit (NFP) green groups and local government.  Local NFP meetings/agendas and active news items can all have free display space to help engage the community and promote active involvement and commend successes. Competitions, petitions and NFP information will be given appropriate presentation space to engage community awareness and involvement.




Albury Wodonga and our surrounding regional areas can benefit immensely with a synergistic outlook to drive the region and it’s culture (and economy) into a sustainable future. To do this, we, as a community with a unique local culture and diverse economy, we need to constantly and ask questions like…

  • How are we helping our community and economy sustain the transition from the age of consumption gluttony to the age of transparent responsibility?
  • How are we impacting our future generations and how well are we governing this little part of the world?
  • What is our unified sustainability goal for the local economy?
  • How is our culture of sustainability performing?
  • Is it the best practice for this unique part of Victoria, and can it be the leader in Australia?
  • What are the opportunities that are obvious for this unique region?
  • And we utilising them to the fullest?

And then we need to get momentum and act upon it…. unified and informed!