THE S.A.C. CONSTITUTION – “Smarter Choices for a Better Future”

The SAC functions as an advocacy group for the environmental sector, committed to improving the quality of Sustainable networks and information available to professionals and the local public.

Our venue and its culture offer a stimulating, supportive and collegial environment of public and professional development in sustainability.  The SAC provides a local central point for sustainability. A large open format venue

  • To congregate for action to produce cumulative results
  • To disseminate local information and opportunities
  • To be a point of reference to continue personal and economic improvements
  • To promote sustainable success stories

The main focus is assisting our community to broaden its economic investment and social participation in the local Sustainability Industry and Environmental Activities. Our objective is also to unite the membership with its diverse interests and many facets of sustainability towards a set of common goals.

Education and engagement in activates with focus areas (not limited to)

  • Waste, plastic pollution, water contamination reduction
  • Above ground mining, resource sharing and upcycling
  • Natural resource management and engagement
  • Energy (renewable power & consumption reduction) and transport
  • Climate Change

We are a social enterprise Company limited by guarantee in Australia, governed by 2 Executive Directors and this Constitution. A Board of Non-Executive Directors will guide the direction, strategic approaches and delivery of objectives.  The SAC also supports our local special interest groups, not-for-profit eco-organisation and individuals with collaborative connections to deliver more over-reaching environmental and sustainable benefits to our local region of North East Victoria and Southern Riverina of NSW.

A major activity of The SAC is the engagement of the wider public in events that promote behavioural change to a more sustainable lifestyle.  Meetings, workshops, forums, art exhibitions, demonstrations and events are tools to encourage and exemplify smarter choices for a better future.

We seek to work closely with environmental services, government, health & wellbeing organisations, international and national associations to improve and develop services and provide valuable options for environmental benefit in our community.

We encourage anyone to visit The SAC Facebook page or our website to access an application form to join as a member and become more informed.